Waymo explains it needs $1.8 billion from Uber

Waymo explains it needs $1.8 billion from Uber
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Last weekend, Uber’s judicial crew informed Judge William Alsup that Waymo was investigating $2.6 billion for a supposedly stolen trade mystery related to the business’ self-sufficient vehicle efforts. Over the weeks, Waymo filed a record with the court regarding that the exact figure was really $1.859 billion.

It’s not obvious why this apparently significant detail was left uncorrected for almost a weekend. The filing also involves some extra explanation around the system in which the losses figure was determined.

Though Waymo is claiming that nine trade intrigues were put in jeopardy by Anthony Levandowski, it is attempting a peak of $1.8 billion in depreciation. That figure is the amount that Waymo is attaching to a particular trade secret — trade dark 25. The other eight secrets are being independently evaluated at less than $1.8 billion. Consequently, Waymo is capping the losses at the expense of its most important compromised trade mystery.

Waymon’s lawyers note that the $1.8 billion figure was determined based on an assessment of “Uber’s unfair improvement from Uber’s trade undisclosed misappropriation.” Waymo maintains that the losses are based on Uber’s own profitability estimates of expanding autonomous transports into its ridesharing company.

This Wednesday is the ultimate pre-trial interview before jury choice. However, the original start date of the hearing is still an issue. Judge Alsup is arranged to determine whether the hearing should start on October 10 as currently registered or December 5, the date Wayno’s judicial team demanded. Waymo is starting for the increase to dig through further evidence. While Uber believes Waymo is delaying and would favor attaching to the current schedule.

The footnote explaining the losses Waymo is asking is written in full below.

Two days ago, Uber’s head counsel informed the Court that Waymo is claiming for $2.6 billion in losses for one trade intrigue. (Dkt. 1723, 9/20/17 Public Hrg. at 73:25-74:10.) That is wrong. Waymo is demanding for $1.859 billion for Trade Secret 25 (not $2.6 billion) and smaller for the surviving trade secrets. Furthermore, Wayno’s estimates are not additive; if the judges find that Defenses misappropriated every alleged trade secret, Waymo still just attempts $1.859 billion.

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