US Navy adds new submarine that comes with Xbox controller

US Navy adds new submarine that comes with Xbox controller

On Saturday, the USS Colorado, the US Navy newest Virginia-class offensive submarine, went into duty from the Naval Submarine Base London in Connecticut.

The Colorado is the prime offensive submarine where sailors practice an Xbox controller to manoeuvre the photonics posts, which displaced periscopes, Koepp stated. Another submarines have joysticks. Utilizing popular off-the-shelf technology preserves capital, and young sailors arrive at the submarine understanding how to practice it, Koepp stated.

Commander Reed Koepp, the Colorado’s commanding leader, states it’s an interesting experience for the crew, chip producers, the local public in Connecticut and the state of Colorado. The submarine is “available to defend the homeland and plan our power ahead,” he continued.

“We’re actually seeing forward to this Saturday when we can include the Colorado as an authentic naval asset,” Koepp stated.

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer states the submarine is a “marvel of tech and reform.” U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Colorado Democrat, announced the public of Colorado are exceptionally pleased this submarine will wordlessly preserve the nation’s interests.

More than 2,000 Navy executives, politicians, local public leaders and visitors of the crew are supposed at the event. It will be live-streamed on the web. The submarine will continue in Groton after the commissioning.

Koepp manages 130 men. Women work on submarines but they haven’t been allotted to the Colorado. One-fifth of submarine sailors are united.

It used submarine supply contracts nationwide and thousands of shipyard workers in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Virginia to make the Colorado, the 15th part of the Virginia class of submarines.

It’s the 4th U.S. Navy ship called Colorado. The initial Colorado, released in 1856, marked combat in the Civil War. The second escorted protection of men and transports to England while World War I and the third sustained actions in the Pacific during WWII, enduring two kamikaze strikes and receiving seven battle stars, according to the Naval History and Heritage Command.


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