Shawn Mendes releases his new single “In My Blood”

Shawn Mendes releases his new single "In My Blood"

Shawn Mendes declared that he will be launching his latest music, “In My Blood,” on Thursday, March 22. He used Twitter on Tuesday to post a pic of what is probably the musician’s cover art, and hashtagged #InMyBlood beside the launch date. Beginning this month, he posted and then clasped a GIF of the days March 22 and March 23 to the head of his profile pic, probably indicating that this is not the end of the news to proceed.

“In My Blood” is estimated to pop on Spotify then, and Shawn Mendes gave followers a head’s up with remarkable decorative artwork for the record, along with a preview link for the music on the streaming platforms.

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#InMyBlood March 22nd

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Shawn Mendes seems to have unveiled its artwork which is a stunning beige pic with a decorative motif.

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#InMyBlood Midnight Tonight

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Some followers believe that the “blood” indicates stuff he “can’t turn” in his experience, which could lead to someone he loves or even a deadly connection he understands is dead-ended. Others say that it could be regarding his “complete DNA” and the sense that it’s a “bit of art.” few are also determining that the music is going to be deep as restrained to some of the lighter hits that we’ve discovered from Shawn Mendes.

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Thank you xx #InMyBlood

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Meantime, it also seems like some followers have kidded regarding it probably being something regarding his “Canadian ego” or the point that he’s possibly a lover of Grey’s Anatomy.

Shawn Mendes has been puzzling and set-lipped concerning latest song, with shirtless images and the aforementioned days following as the only evidence for his following artistic chapter.


To do things even more interesting, it appears like he is releasing another innovative music on Friday too.


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