Pakistan in trouble with Trump: Fear of losing the seat at NSG

Pakistan in trouble with Trump: Fear of losing the seat at NSG

New Delhi: The President of United States Donald Trump has included seven Pakistani firms to a list of organisations that pose a major threat to the United States by getting involved in the nuclear trade, Dawn News reported on Monday.

The move could turn out to be a problem in Islamabad endeavours to enter the first class Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), where India’s participation has been over and over slowed down by China.

According to a report in, the US Bureau of Industry and Security believes that all the companies that are involved in such scenario or pose to involved in such cases of nuclear activities are doing deeds against the United States foreign policy.

These seven firms are the part of the list that includes a total of 23 organisations that pose a major threat to States, this list of 23 organisations also includes companies based in Sudan and Singapore. Now, these companies will face restrictions on their exports and international trade.

As per, three of the Pakistani organisations are included to the list for “their involvement in the multiplication of unprotected nuclear exercises that are just opposite to the national security and/or foreign policy interests of the United States”. Two have been blamed for sourcing material for organizations as of now on the list, while the rest organisations are included for being involved in unauthorised nuclear activities.

These indicative steps are taken by the Trump Administration to build pressure on Pakistan government to take serious actions against all terror group that are working to destroy the harmony and peace of India and Afghanistan from its soil.

Before this major step from Trump Administration, there are series of steps that are taken by them on Pakistan like suspending about $2 billion for security assistance earlier this year. The Trump Administration has been irritated by Pakistan government’s ignorance to act against the terror which is residing in Pakistan since the 70s.

Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a watchdog agency based in Paris that keeps a check on money laundering activities around the world, voted a month ago to put Pakistan on its blacklist of countries which are not doing what’s needed to battle fear financing in June, allegedly under US weight. That gives Pakistan three months to roll sufficiently out improvements to evade the posting.


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