How a passionate Rockhound Steven Curry from Colorado turned into a disturbed man in his obsession to find the meteorites in the US soil and how this man finally ended into jail?

Excessive obsession or you may say retrofit mental involvement for a thing leads to diminish the good cause in the lust to prove ourselves for the achievement. Steven Duane Curry, in his ambition, to scrap the precious rocks from the outer world i.e.; the meteors ignored the basics of scientific knowledge and incautiously broke many laws of the legal society.

Whether it may be the famous incident of the Thanksgiving Day in 2002 in Western Colorado or the meteor burst in the Main Street of Montrose in May,2004; there were a few enthusiastic fellows in that portion of U.S. who went on their feet in search of the extra-terrestrial objects which landed and graved inside the Earth as a shooting star.

It was the tunnel of 2010 when the curious cerebellum of the people was rising its tentacles with the desire to find those precious rocks broken apart from the heavy meteors. Blaine Reed, one of the twin Reed brothers was the major businessman of the meteorites in Montrose. He was not affiliated with a certain degree of the field, but his life-long experiences had been enough for him to dig a diamond from the coal mine.

Once Mr Reed got a face off with one of the “rock material” claimed by Curry to be a meteorite, he got a check over it with his experience and machinery from a local shop, where it was mounted with a tag of $560. After his evaluation, he found nothing special in that rock which would mark it as a meteor, in fact, it was just a piece of rock having ample amount of iron in it. Mr Reed ultimately marked those Curry claimed rocks to curiosities and not the meteorites!

This was just a sheer rejection of the name of Curry. Neither Mr Reed nor the whole world would have thought that it would drastically change Curry. Steven Curry was however from a background with no official knowledge about geology and the way of dealing the meteorites. He once said that he had inherited this trait from his grandfather. The more he perceived regarding the meteorites, the less he could grasp that how the explorers and dealers could maintain that they were unique. Steven Curry bought a book from 1973 “Find a Falling Star” by Harvey H. Nininger, who founded the American Meteorite Museum, and he seemed to carry on his beliefs.

But for the local people of the city Montrose, Curry was entitled among the elite group of the city with a well-established knowledge of meteors, but the truth was something different. His findings as a meteorite were actually “Curiosities” and it was his obstinacy to prove the world that he was a good meteorologist which enabled him to claim normal Earth rocks covered with cosmic dust as meteorites.

Not only his faults were identified by the scientists with proper technical proofs, but also, he was found guilty for having various costly deals of the so claimed “Curiosities” that the legal authorities have to put him behind the bars with the secrets of the deserts unrevealed. Travelled from Colorado to the big Mountains and to other sites where were the traces of the meteorites, but certainly, his false claims planned something else for him. After all, for every bad deed, he has to pay for! Living the rest of his life in the jail of the Desert is what he had to pay now!

Adarsh Sahni


Adarsh is the Author at frozencast. He writes on Political issues around the world.