Disney Assures That It Will Keep Making R-Rated Marvel Movies

Disney Assures That It Will Keep Making R-Rated Marvel Movies

Disney’s Ceo Bob Iger confirms ongoing of R rated properties under Fox especially “Deadpool” films.

Disney faced opposition due to R rated content, but Super Heroes films covered it with huge hits and fans.

According to reports, Disney will mix R rated content along with a family friendly content as a fusion. The effect of MCU on this is unknown yet Deadpool series might face problems.

Iger said, “Series like “Deadpool” and Marvel’s R rated content, should be separate from other Marvel’s movies to maintain the company’s image.”

Iger stated, “The business must go on based on its popularity.”

Sources say the next Deadpool movie will be under Marvel Banner or 21st Century Fox Banner without Disney’s label. This is done to avoid confusion for consumers.

“Deadpool” or the series being not available under Disney streaming service was unknown.

Marvel released R rated films like “Logan” and “Deadpool” which were a huge success in box office.

Iger wanted all Marvel-related properties to become one entity and Fox’s Marvel’s characters to reboot under MCU.

Deadpool series will continue making us laugh with its fourth instalment and more to come. If this series is outside MCU then MCU’s fans can’t expect R rated content anymore in the future.

Rumours about “Black Widow” being R rated was fake.

Disney can use Hulu for its R rated content and keep Disney+ a family friendly content. It will launch later this year with no specific date announced by Iger.

Fox releasing “Deadpool” back in summer was the highest grossing with R rated content which was not expected by Iger, although he thanks PG 13 edition release of “Deadpool” in China.

As of now, it’s clear that Disney will continue with its R rated films or series, it is popular too and makes people enjoy such as “Deadpool.”

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