R. Kelly Released on Bond From Cook County Jail

R Kelly Released on Bond From Cook County Jail
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Authorities reports on Monday, R Kelly gets bail from Chicago jail after spending a weekend there due to sexual abuse case. The video shows R.Kelly leaving jail surrounded by policemen at around 5:30 pm evening.

Kelly posts 4 instances of his $25000 bail, 10% of each $25000 bond the judge has placed on each charge and is a total of $100,000 bail on his $1 million bonds. As he left the jail, guarded by policemen, the paparazzi and his fans rushed towards him making a crowd. Each and every step of him were recorded in the cameras.

Kelly was last seen heading to a Gold Coast cigar bar. After which hours later, he was presented in court’s hearings with his hands at back wearing an orange jumpsuit. Judge Lawrence Flood is assigned for Kelly’s case. The next hearing of the court is scheduled to be held on March 22.

His career wasn’t a flop show, he’s a Grammy winner and has sold over 40 million albums in his whole career life.

Kelly’s attorney Greenberg on Monday said, “I am not worried about any additional charges coming against my client. I have not come across anything that makes me believe in my client doing anything wrong.”

Dream Hampton speaks to sources, this morning “I didn’t expect Kelly to face charges.” She also tweets on Friday, “Survivors are heroes.” Alred on Monday reveals that she is more than one of those six women who said to be abused by Kelly.

Kelly denies all the charges against him and his attorney Greenberg stuck to him saying he hasn’t seen any video where his client is shown. Michael Avenatti the attorney of alleged victims said, “I have more videotapes against Kelly, and this additional tape will be the third one.”

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