Steven Spielberg May Propose New Rule at Oscars Meeting for Streaming Sites Like Netflix

Steven Spielberg May Propose New Rule at Oscars Meeting for Streaming Sites Like Netflix
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Spielberg ratcheted up the fight

Steven Spielberg may set a new rule at Oscars meeting, for online streaming sites like Netflix.

He will reportedly be attending the meeting in April, while there, he would speak about the films on Netflix, and other streaming sites not having a theatrical release is being nominated for Oscars.

Films like Rama which got only a three-week theatrical release and then streamed on Netflix met the qualifications for Academy awards.

A spokesperson for Spielberg’s production company said, “Steven can feel the difference between online streaming and theatrical release. He will be happy if others come up and join his campaign. When that actually comes. He will see to it.”

This is not the first time Steven proposing new rules, last time he told news reporter “Once you are committed to TV, you are a TV movie. If it’s a good show you deserve an Emmy, not an Oscar. I don’t think films which release for a week should be nominated for Academy Awards.”

Video director Joseph Kahn tweeted in support of Steven. His tweet read “Netflix releasing only in one theater and celebrating the same way as BlacKkKlansman or yeah Green Book is actually not fair.”

The exact plan of Steven is not yet known but we know that there will be restrictions now for eligibility to Academy awards for films having been released for short time in theaters.

Academy reveals “The rules of awards are being discussed and ongoing in the branches. The Board will consider the topic at the meeting in April.”

Netflix sure will make its comeback at the Oscars next year provided Steven’s rule isn’t successful.

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