Explosion on James Bond Set, Damages the Set and Leaves One Crew Member Injured

Explosion on James Bond Set Damages Set and Leaves One Crew Member Injured
Columbia Pictures

An explosion at the James Bond set has injured a crew member and damaged the set.

Recently a controlled explosion occurred in Pine Studios, 007 stage in Buckinghamshire which is James Bond set, though it did damage a lot of interiors, the outer part of the 007 stage is damaged and led a crew member with a minor injury.

It was announced that 5th Bond film is going to release in April 2020, then while shooting in Jamaica for the movie out very own Daniel Craig James Bond got an injury in his ankle and went through a minor ankle surgery, later he recovered within 2 weeks. But the shoot for the movie didn’t stop.

Actually, the release date was to be in April 2019 but there were three explosions till now on set and the actor got injured and went through surgery so the release date is postponed to Aprill 2020 and again recently, after the announcement of the final release date an explosion occurred though it didn’t damage the set fully, one of the crew members got injured.

The question now in everyone’s mind is will the 5th James Bond movie Bond 25 release on April 2020 or will it get postponed, as this is not the first time the crew encounters an explosion like this as it had happened before and even though the director announced to release the movie by April 2020.

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