Is John Legend A Good Instagram Husband?

Is John Legend A Good Instagram Husband?
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It is raining pictures on Instagram from the Legends holidaying in Thailand. But we can say that John is hellbent to impress wife Chrissy Teigen with all the perfect pictures he has been clicking so far. A little backdrop to this is necessary. At the beginning of their holidaying, Chrissy in a video spoke of how she was the designated family photographer and had nobody to take her pictures.

We can now say that John heard it loud and clear this time and is honing those photography skills of his to prove them allegations by Chrissy wrong.

John has been fascinating us with his responsible and caring husband’s vibes ever since. But this time he has not only been singing the ‘hairband of the day song’ for his wife every day but is taking all the family pics too. He has flooded Instagram with fantastic pictures that he took of Chrissy. All in perfect lighting and angle to be precise.

In a recent picture, John uploaded Chrissy is seen wearing a brown full-length gown. A certain semblance of a greek goddess can be seen. In the caption though John declaration of sorts saying “My wife is beauuuuuuutiful #goodinstagramhusband”. Too good a job hubby Legend! The same was also acknowledged by Kris Jenner as she commented: “You’re doing amazing sweetie!!!”

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My wife is beauuuuuutiful #goodinstagramhusband

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Not only John has been clicking pictures of his beloved wife but of his kids (Miles and Luna) to this entire trip. They all look gorgeous obviously. But this time no melodrama like in the marriage down at Utah took place. Plus Chrissy got some cool pictures by throwing that tantrum. John absolutely won our hearts through this gesture and is for sure a good Instagram husband.

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