Blac Chyna Reunites With Her Mother After Explosive Fight On Live TV

Blac Chyna is never too old to get whopping from her mother
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Blac Chyna has met up with her mother for the first time since their fight on live tv back in June in order to try and work on their family relationship and dynamics.

The model and entrepreneur, 31, whose real name is Angela Renée White, has reunited with her mother, reality tv personality Shalana Hunter, 47, after spending several weeks apart following their explosive spar during an episode of reality show “The Real Blac Chyna”.

The Zeus Network has shown the very emotional moment of the reunion, with the creator of the record-selling make-up brand ‘Lashed‘ in tears while other family members and friends were cheering around her and Shalana.

The atmosphere immediately became playful, as shown in a video posted by Black Chyna on Instagram with the caption: “Dang! Guess I’m never too old to get a whooping from my mom”

Mother and daughter successively proved their commitment to mend and rebuild their damaged relationship by sharing other posts on social media.

Blac Chyna has also said that is of the utmost importance to her to be a good mother to her two children, King Cairo and Dream Kardashian, and to set an example.

Under a picture showing her two kids playing with her mother Shalana, the model wrote: “Shalana, Dream, King! Blessed Family Blood!”

Blac Chyna and Shalana, who is known by her stage name Tokyo Toni, have had a rocky relationship for quite a while, possibly since the entrepreneur’s young years and her dropping out of school.

The feud exploded with heavy insults and screaming sessions during the very first episode of the reality show which gives an intimate insight into Blac Chyna and her family and friends’ lives.

While many fans thought their relationship was compromised forever and that it would be almost impossible to repair it, family and blood ties have shown to be stronger than everything. Good for them.


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